2002 Lev Hapark, Raanana

2003 Romi Goldmuntz Center, Antwerp, Belgium

2004 -2006 Michigan

2004 Artexpo

2007 Art Time, Israel

2007 Art Expo New York

2007 Art Vigo Spain

2008 Art Las Vegas

2008 Lineart Belgium

2008 ArtExpo Toronto

2009 ArtExpo Toronto

2009 UJC, New York

2010 Israeli Opera


Sonia Drabkin was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1961 where she grew up in an environment surrounded by art, literature, and beauty.

 It was only in the early 1990s that Drabkin took over her destiny to realize her deepest desire  to paint and to reveal her unique style. As the desire to paint grew, her rich inner world waited for the opportunity to break through.

Since it uses all her skills and knowledge in synergy to paint works that are sources of emotions, feelings, thinking, belief.

She was spotted by an Israeli gallery.

Sonia Drabkin’s art is heavily influenced by Surrealism. As with artists of this style who preceded her, her sources lie in Paris of the 1920s.

Amongst the artists who influenced her were Salvador Dali,Magritte, Rodin and also the great masters of painting.

Drabkin celebrates a vision of the world in which the imagination is set free. She aspires to express her ideas, experiences, and emotions in a symbolic and surreal manner. She creates paintings where reality is like a dream in search of the inner self’s authentic voice. Rising out of her works is the desire that wonder and magic not be lost from reality.

 Drabkin's bright and cheerful colors seduce and her paintings are now represented in galleries and exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe, Israel and United States.

Sonia Drabkin’s extensive travel around the world gave her many opportunities to visit museums and galleries and brought her into contact with a wide range of cultures and religions.

Her continued interest in art – beauty, design, textile – adds to the deep well of subjects that preoccupy her and find expression in her work.

The autodidactic Drabkin has given her wonderful all to create pictures of a world full of magical symbols, together with a sensitive eye and an unusual naturalistic style, whether in oil paintings or in bronze sculpture.